Sunday, 1 January 2012

Twelve in Twelve

And so it begins!
I have always wanted to create a blog and by actually doing it I am able to take "Another thing off the list". How you ask? Well, my friend and I decide that we would come up with a list of twelve goals that we wanted to accomplish in 2012. Guess what one of my goals is - that's right, to create a blog.
Check - that is one thing off my list and it is only January 1st!! Yeah!!
So here is the offical list
1. Sew 12 quilts - crazy I know
2. One class each quarter
3. Complete 12 scrapbook kits
4. Create 12 layouts from a sketch
5. Read six books
6. Create 12 cards using House mouse stamps
7. Workout 12 days per month - another crazy one
8. Try 12 new recipes
9. Use new items purchased within 30 days
10. Can't spend money on non essentials 12 days per month - this will be the hardest!!
11. Put away $12 each week
12. Create a blog - Check!!!!

I will keep you posted!!


  1. "I guess I'd better get my act in gear" says the Friend who also has a list of 12

  2. well what about 12 days in Florida.You are going to need a little bit more saved then that $12.00 here and there Keep up the good work!!!