Sunday, 26 February 2012

Barbie house

My daughter has not played with Barbies for some time now. However, she has been watching You tube video's on how to make Barbie furniture for her house and asked that we get a Barbie so she could start making these things. This is what she has created so far.

A dress for Barbie and a wig.

A cell phone back Bedazzled:
 Cell phone front:


 Laundry Basket with homemade dresses:

 Movie poster on the wall:

  A pillow that has blanket rolled up in it:

 A nightstand with lamp and alarm clock:

 A book shelf with books, magazines, money jar, earrings, flowers and camera:

 Coffee table with laptop, Chinese food and tissue box:

 Couch with newspaper beside it:

 Big Screen TV:

Front door with mailbox, welcome mat and birdcage:


Kitchen table:

 Shelf with flowers:

 Cereal boxes and of course Pizza for dinner:

Pretty incredible don't you think??

This all began last weekend!! I love that she is so crafty!!


  1. She's been very very busy!!!!

  2. That is crazy! She did all that herself? Very impressive. I think she has just a bit of your creativity!!