Sunday, 6 January 2013

13 in 13

So, after much thought I have come up with the 13 things I want to complete in 2013. After doing this in 2012 I realized that I had set the bar way too high! Come on, 12 quilts!! I was able to complete 4 quilts which is pretty freaking awesome!! I tried to make the 13 goals achievable and things I really want to achieve. Here they are:
1. Spend less
2. Work out 3 times/week
3. Make the Joel Dewberry skirt pattern I have had for over a year
4. Write in my journal regularly
5. Finish the two quilts that are partially complete
6 .Make something with knit fabric- I have always been afraid to work with knits
7. Try one new recipe a month
8. Make the Amy Butler Weekender bag
9. Do three online classes
10. Read 4 books
11. Go out to dinner and movie four times in the year
12. Make 4 cards with Digi's
13. Get published in a magazine!!
So, there they are! Now I need to dust off the treadmill so that I can get started!!
Here's to 2013!!


1 comment:

  1. Ya, I would say that 12 quilts in one year is a bit much. Love you new goals.