Tuesday, 17 January 2012

First purse of 2012

I have to admit I have a little obsession with making purses. I can't seem to make enough of them.
I finished my first purse of 2012 last night. I used the Art Gallery - Bespoken line of fabric for the main body exterior and Art Gallery solid for the inside of bag and Marlin Linen from Bryant Industries for the top and handles. I love the style of this bag because you can get lots inside.

And it has lots of pockets:

And purple just happens to be my favourite colour!!
It will be interesting to see how many purses get made in 2012. Likely more than 12!!

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  1. I heard you were now a fellow blogger! I will be sure to visit often to see what you are creating and how many things you are checking off your list :)
    Joanne xo